The secret of SEO & blogging

If you want your business to been seen as an elite against your competition, the need for your business to produce accessible and original information must be recognized. Companies that stay current utilize blogs to make their products and services popular. With regular “blogging,” businesses reach out and grab hold of a huge target audience. This enormous crowd at your fingertips encompasses anyone who is privy to social media (which is basically everyone). An interesting blog will provide your customer base with longer descriptions of your products or services, can include links to other networks, and can even boast testimonials. Make it fun, interesting and jam-pack it with unique and ori

Does Managing Your Own Social Media, Maximize Your Results?

It’s very common to think of marketing as a quick website and collateral. However with the ever-growing network of social media platforms, marketing must cover a lot of ground. Social media networking is crucial when it comes to generating electronic word of mouth (eWOM) and researching your target audience in detail. Shouldering this responsibility without experience or proper understanding of the terrain can be challenging, ineffective and even discouraging. A few questions you will want to ask yourself when tackling the task of managing your own social media are: Do you have the time to operate your business as well as give your social media enough attention consistently? Do you have the

The Importance of the Call-To-Action

A strong Call-to-Action (also known as a CTA) lets your target audience know exactly what they need to do in order to buy your product or service right now. It can entice users to click on your online ad, or a link on your website or landing page, gathering new customers for your business. The most primitive example of a CTA is “Buy Now!” However, the more information you can provide in your CTA, the better it will be for your target audience and your company. It’s important to remember that targeted Calls-to-Actions convert 42% more visitors into leads than untargeted CTAs. Having a clear and direct Call-to-Action, ensures that your customers will know what to expect when they click on your

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