Little Lenny & Old Charlie's Potatoes

Little Lenny and his mother live in a little town on the outskirts of Summerside in PEI, and each week little Lenny's mother gives him 5 cents to take down the road to the market to buy them a sack of potatoes. With a skip in his step each week, he sets off down the way with those 5 cents in his hot little hand to fetch his mother a sack of potatoes. On his way he passes the butcher, the barber, Old Charlie's Potato Stand and Miss Lindsay's fruit stand before reaching the corner market to buy his sack of the potatoes. Each week Little Lenny; being the friendly child he is, brightly says good day to each person he passes along the way including Old Charlie & each week Old Charlie asks little

Is Google Plus The New Facebook?

The latest trend that we are seeing in social media is that as Facebook's audience is shrinking Google Plus seems to be growing an engaging audience. Don't get me wrong Facebook still has an audience but with the constant changes to brand pages, user profiles, timeline changes, cover photo size changes and new ads everywhere you look - Its evolution might not be a positive one for their bottom line. When Facebook started up, it was new, it was SHINY and many were addicted instantly; Sharing photos, direct messaging friends, creating events, posting about the latest gossip & news. When Google Plus launched it was late out of the gate and old news before it even got started. "Why would I use G

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