Why Social Media Is Important To Business in 2014

If I’m looking for a veterinary clinic in the Barrie area, where do you think I would look? In the newspaper, the phonebook, would I Google it? If you guessed any of those, you might be right. But it’s more likely that I either asked a friend, if they know of a place that they would recommend. More and morepeople are making buying decisions through the referral of a friend or someone within their network now that life is rapidly becoming digital. You’ve heard the phrase “It’s not what you know, It’s who you know” well, in the 21st Century you can apply that theory to how people find a vet, a restaurant or even a power tool. Simply by asking their friends on Facebook, Twitter or in person, if

Your Money Is In The Measurement

A big problem I hear from clients, is that they are investing all their marketing dollars into their website and social media BUT they have no idea if they are getting a return on that investment. Not being a big fan of the historical print industry, it’s music to my ears to hear that digital media is finally beginning to get the attention it needs. The internet isn’t just a fad. SHOCKING! Right? Keep in mind though, there is a giant trap you could get caught up in when investing in digital media, just like in any other areas of marketing. That trap is spending too much money without measuring the return. There really is no excuse for not measuring your ROI on any digital marketing because m

The High School Effect of Social Media in Business

You’ve heard all the hype about likes & followers, as though social media marketing is a high school popularity contest but is popularity really what you’re going for? Think back to high school… And take a look at the true value of what being a “cool kid” in school was. Other people liked the “cool kids”, they wanted to dress like them, talk like them, go to the same parties as them. Which is great – If you were a cool kid… People talked about you. Which I think is why businesses have that “cool kid” mentality about their social media marketing. They figure if they have more Facebook likes than their competition, that must mean they will get more business… If they have more followers on Twit

I Want MORE Fans!

“How do I get more followers on my Facebook Page?” This is the burning question every business seems to have these days. You’ve started a brand page for your business, you’ve started posting content to it, but you want to grow the number of followers as much as possible! There are many ways to grow your following on Facebook which start with spreading the word. Simply start by adding “Follow Us on Facebook” to all your marketing materials. Keeping in mind that your followers on Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks are your biggest cheerleaders. These are the people that tell all their friends how much they love you & how great your products and services are, so it’s a good idea

From 13 Followers to Nearly 1,500

When Marble Slab Creamery in Barrie came to us looking for ideas on how to increase their following on Twitter, we did what we always do. We rounded up our creative team, a few writers, producers, our programming team, on-air personalities, and more to brainstorm a few ideas, that could create a solid integrated marketing solution to really get results for Marble Slab Creamery. The solution we came up with was a great promotion called “Retweet it to Win”. It was simple really, which most great promotions are and we used our proven strategy of on-air, online, on-site marketing to execute it. We used 30 second branding commercials, interactive ads our high traffic websites, posts our social me

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