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There’s a common misconception about landing pages. Many believe a landing page is any website a customer is directed to when they click on a link – however this is untrue. A landing page is a standalone web page (separate from your company’s website) that is created specifically for an advertising campaign. It is in other words where a customer “lands” after clicking on your ad. 

When you link someone to your website, there is usually an intention for them to explore your website and to learn more about your company and what you’re offering. However, with landing pages, it has one single intention in mind. If one of your goals includes getting more sign-ups, more app downloads or more people to call or contact your business for a specific reason a landing page is a great way of doing that. These pages direct your potential customers quickly to what you need them to do without getting lost or distracted on your company’s regular site by all the different options. Landing pages are direct with their message and for them to be successful, the offer needs to be clear for whoever clicks on the advertisement.  

Why you should consider landing pages: 

Landing pages are a great way to generate leads. Let’s say for example the goal for your landing page is to get people to sign up for an offer your company is promoting. People will then have to put in their name and contact information which will allow you to get a better idea of your prospects, who they are and what they are interested in. 


Another reason…they can give you a better conversion rate — If they are used correctly. Again, comparing a landing page to your website, it’s easy for your prospects to get distracted by other links to your website if they are directed there. Landing pages have one goal, one message and one function. Whoever clicks your ad is interested in the message they saw in your advertisement and the landing page should take them directly to what they saw in the message. This allows you to turn more leads into customers controlling what they see throughout the process. 

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