The 3SIXTY team is always looking for new adventures and new businesses to help take their marketing to the max.

Our goal is to help local businesses create and execute the marketing plan they want and need to grow their business and brand.

You would be surprised what we can do with a budget that you may not think is worth a second glance. Even though we might be able to do a lot with a little, your marketing is an essential area of your business to invest in. No marketing campaign is a sprint if you really want to see results from your dollars and effort; looking at your marketing plan as a marathon is truly going to put you on a winning streak.

Consider us your awesome, in-house marketing and customer service pros! We are committed to helping each and every client with innovative marketing strategies that work for YOU!

From ice cream shops, real estate offices, mortgage brokers, law offices, retail franchises, day care centres and more, we work with them all!

Our Story

In 2011, 3SIXTY was founded by Kate Emms. Why was it founded? Because there was a disconnect in the marketplace when it came to local advertising in Barrie and the surrounding area. That disconnect was that advertising was being sold but only when the right person sold it, did it have a strategic plan around it. Too many sales were being made to hit a budget and not to honestly help the business owner grow their business. As you well know, advertising isn't cheap and never has been but, long gone are the mad men days of deals being made over a glass of whiskey on a wing, a prayer and blind faith.


Having started as a graphic designer in 2000 working in an industrial landscape designing for engineers, and commercial enterprises needing catalogues to showcase and sell their products at tradeshows. She learned vast amounts about company structure, the buying process and who was involved in order to be able to tailor sales materials to help company sales teams land the big fish. This was also during the time of the internet boom where suddenly websites were being born and the design firm she was working at, at the time, didn't have a web development team but had clients asking for the service. Being one of the youngest on the design team, being tasked with figuring out how to create a website, an e-commerce site at that, was an unexpected twist that created an interest in development and designing digital solutions for clients to sell their products. 

In 2004, Kate jumped into the world of Radio advertising because again there was a disconnect. A radio station had a sound but didn't have a digital space to match their presence. They had a talented on-air team who had not the foggiest of how to use the internet or social media to create and foster a following, along with a sales team who had big budgets, little direction other than to hit those budgets, and a whole new world of advertising tools in their toolbox to help their clients not really knowing what widget to recommend.

Dial it forward a few years, Kate connected the dots between advertising strategy, creative direction, media vehicles, sales relationships, and the digital space we call the world wide web to help fuel client success. That's where the joy was. Seeing a client who had worked hard to build their business, getting to take it to the next level, seeing real tangible results that impacted their family and life in general. 

An entrepreneurial spirit at heart, Kate took the plunge in 2012 and endeavored to help business owners big and small develop their brand, strategic approach and creative, no matter which platform it was on, to achieve real results that could be seen on the bottom line. Now serving clients across Canada and the US, a big part of her and her team's mission is also to simplify the process of buying advertising, creating a strategy, coordinating projects and designs so that it all comes together with ease and a unified approach. Because in the long run, she knows that time is money, and money is better spent making money, than sitting in a low-interest savings account for a rainy day ahead. Save time. Save money. Get real results. That's the foundation that 3SIXTY was built on, but without cutting corners. Oh, and in case you need to hear it again, don't skip the creative or the strategy. That's like skipping the garlic mayo on a delicious beef dip sandwich — just down right crazy talk.

How big is our team? 3 graphic designers, 2 web developers, 3 copy writers, 2 social media managers, 2 digital advertising specialists, 1 director of marketing and one heck of an amazing, master of administration, along with an accountant and a collection of mentors who help us, help our clients reach their goals. We don't outsource anything except signage installation and we're a phone call away when you need us. Plus, we're growing everyday in the industry, creatively, intellectually, and as a team to fulfill our clients needs accordingly. But, we don't just hire anyone. We hire the best, because that's what you, our clients deserve.

Ready to get to work? We are.

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